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Software Design Engineer - Renesas Technology Corp.
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Industry: IT - Software
Current Level: Management
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Renesas Technology Corp.

  • Time: Jun 2007 - present (9 year(s) 2 month(s))
  • Website:
  • Industry: Electrical / Electronic
  • Type: Foreign
  • Title: Software Design Engineer
  • Description: One Step Ahead Toward Focusing on Human Needs in the Ubiquitous Network Era. ::: From business-focus to human-focus. ::: Up to now, digital technologies have been directed primarily toward technical improvements for greater efficiency or labor savings. However, with the maturing of these technologies and the dawning of the “ubiquitous networking society”, Renesas believes that there is also a need to focus on such considerations as peace of mind, convenience, and enjoyment in all areas of everyday living. ::: Renesas, as a semiconductor company with an outstanding portfolio of global market-leading products, has the technology and capabilities to deliver almost everything that is required in an age focusing on human needs, including security technologies, miniaturization and power-saving technologies, networking and interface technologies. ::: Renesas aims to stay one step ahead and to be the true “intelligent chip solution provider” -the world leader in its field. ::: Renesas - Everywhere you imagine.


Danang University of Technology

  • Time: 2002 - 2007

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